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Key Features eCopy PDF Pro Office    Buy PDF Pro OfficeeCopy PDF Pro V 6.2    Key Features eCopy PDF Pro Office 

Nuance the Company in 2009 purchased eCopy Inc the Company. Today your software which use to be eCopy Desktop Software, and then eCopy Paperworks is now eCopy PDF Pro Office Software. You can buy a single  version of this software or you can Buy Volume Licenses. What use to be known as a 5pack, 10pack, 20pack is now Volume licensing... Buy a minimum of 5 up to 39, or/and buy a minimum of 40 up to 199 etc etc etc. This means anyone looking for a 5pack, 10pack, 20pack this now falls under volume licensing of from 5 min to 39 
 Create PDF Files, Edit PDF Files, Export PDF Files
Scan, Capture, Edit, Save, Retrieve
FREE e-Delivery, FREE install, FREE training from 1 employee to 100s

We have 5,000+ eCopy brand Seats sold Worldwide

5thNK is made up of former eCopy Inc, employees. We date back to 1992 when eCopy Inc was founded. 
Free e-delivery, Free install assistance, Free Training all employees. 
We purchased the eCopy domains when Nuance purchased eCopy Inc, in 2009,  knowing that 30 years of eCopy experience combined would allow our company to be the #1 reseller of eCopy branded software in the World. We sell and support thousands of customers world wide. We own these domains to be found Worldwide. 
We have 5,000+ Seats sold Worldwide
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About Scott Salisbury Owner

Donald Jackson

Technical Consultant at eCopy Inc
Scott Salisbury while at eCopy was one of my teammates. Scott took the lead on the sales side,
while I took the lead on the technical. What I appreciated about Scott is he gave more than lip service on our software.
 Scott took the time to learn the work flow aspect about eCopy Solutions.
Work Flow from the eCopy interface to back end office end points; Scott could speak to.
Scott was and still is tenacious when it comes to learning inside out
whatever workflow, solution, technology or concept he is involved in

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